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The Pittsburgh Chapter NTMA also has its own foundation, the Pittsburgh Chapter  National Tooling & Machining Foundation (NTMF).  The foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

The mission of the NTMF is to assume a leadership position in the training and development of future generations for the metalworking profession, while continuing to lead southwestern Pennsylvania’s custom manufacturing industry in achieving business success by providing a center of knowledge.

This mission is accomplished through a variety of continuing education opportunities and training programs throughout the year. Perhaps the most visible of the NTMF programs is BotsIQ. The NTMF is governed by a volunteer board of directors.


The Pittsburgh Chapter of the National Tooling and Machining Foundation spear-headed efforts to bring a national student robotics program to the Pittsburgh region in 2005. In the first year, local manufacturers and educators joined forces with just 6 schools and launched BotsIQ. Now after more than a decade, BotsIQ touches thousands of students and boasts more than 70 teams and its own fan base. The BotsIQ curriculum is based on the National Curriculum Standards (NIMS) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Mechanical engineering methodology. Southwestern Pennsylvania students learn to design, build and battle robots in a gladiator-style competition. The competition draws on the students’ knowledge of math, science, engineering and even public speaking. Perhaps most importantly, students see that manufacturing is a viable and profitable career option. We like to say that BotsIQ is a workforce development program disguised as a robotics competition.


The Foundation is also the driving force behind the NTMA Apprentice Program, a four-year course of study that offers the classroom portion of a registered apprentice training program. A dedicated group of volunteers continually review, monitor and update the curriculum to make sure that apprentices receive not only thorough, but current training that is practical for their future as tool & die makers and precision manufacturers. This program typically graduates between 30 and 45 apprentices each year.


The Pittsburgh Chapter NTMF is also pleased to be on the forefront, offering continuing educational opportunities for industry professionals. This training includes not only manufacturing skills, but also management and leadership training that sets businesses and individuals up for success. In addition to offering chapter-driven training, we have paired with the Institute of Entrepreneurial Excellence at the University of Pittsburgh to bring our members a broad scope of seminars, discussions groups and networking opportunities.

For two decades, The NTMF has been hosting an annual golf tournament that serves as the primary funding for Foundation efforts.

All NTMA members are automatically also members of the Pittsburgh Chapter National Tooling & Machining Foundation. The Pittsburgh Chapter National Tooling & Machining Foundation (NTMF) believes that the manufacturing industry grows stronger with an educated workforce that has access to quality technical training. That’s the mission we support. If your organization’s goals align with that mission, we invite you to join us.

For a copy of the document declaring the foundation’s non-profit status, please click here.