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board of directors

The Pittsburgh Chapter of the NTMA and the NTMF are governed by an all-volunteer board of directors who believe so strongly in the Pittsburgh Chapter NTMA and NTMF that they take time out of their personal schedules and sometimes, away from their companies to ensure the success of our chapter. The board is drafted from the general membership. The current board of directors is found below.


Kevin Hartford, (Retired) Alle-Kiski Industries

Email: [email protected]


Ken Briggs, Penn State Tool & Die Corp.

Phone: :  724.613.5500

Email: [email protected]


Melissa Monarko, Metal Solutions Inc.

Phone: 724.236.0365

Email: [email protected]


John Dalrymple, Hamill Manufacturing Company

Phone: 724.744.2131 (2540)

Email: [email protected]

Jeff Detar, Haas Factory Outlet

Phone: 724.778.3220

Email: [email protected]

Chuck Deventura, Kurt J. Lesker Company

 Phone: 412.387.9006

Email: [email protected]

Bob Dopico, Catalyst Connection

Phone: 412.370.9873

Email: [email protected]

Ed Frieze, Kurt J. Lesker Company

Phone: :  412.387.9200

email: [email protected]

Jim Hoffman, Oberg Industries, Inc.

Phone: 724.295.2121

Email: [email protected]


Michel Conklin, Pittsburgh Chapter National Tooling & Machining Foundation

Phone: 412.212.6868

Email: [email protected]